Jimtop Networks offers Fiber internet service across the 36 states in Nigeria.
Subscribe to Jimtop’s Gold internet connectivity service today and begin to enjoy peace of mind with a guaranteed increase in organizational productivity. Our high-speed links allow you to grow unparalleled in capacity. It is ideal for corporate Internet, audio / video communication – VPN – connecting branch offices and heavy-duty download applications or services.

Jimtop’s Fiber internet connectivity services has high- speed links, dependable and secured, built to ensure critical support for your business operations and customers, and backed by Nigeria’s leading submarine fiber optic cables with a fast growing terrestrial network across Nigeria. Our Fiber Internet backbone network delivers high-capacity, low latency, zero contention links with 100% committed bandwidth (CIR) guaranteed. Jimtop understand the enormous importance and business value of having highly “available redundant connectivity” in ICT enterprise / mission critical sector at the time of crises. To this end, we provide the right infrastructure designed with multiple points of redundancy for High Availability. Our automatic failover technology guarantees 99.999% Internet uptime, and ensures your link does not go down.

Our teams of dedicated Field Service Engineer are available 24/7 round the clock to support you and ensure you enjoy the high- speed links and reliable services we offer.

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JIMTOP provides fiber optic cabling services including; fiber network design, installation and 24/7 support. We also offer a unique guarantee with all our fiber cable installations.

Fiber Cabling Design

Our network design consultants can design a fiber network to meet your design brief in line with your budget. A clear and accurate cable design will identify the most efficient cable runs which lower installation costs and speed up the completion. Planning and designing the network before the installation allows the project managers to identify areas of concern before work commences. Problem areas can be resolved much easier and more cost effectively during the design stage, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Fiber Cabling Installation

Once the correct cable routes have been designed, our engineers will professionally install all fiber cabling and containment to the highest industry standards. All our engineers are fully qualified to work in all types of environments. They are highly experienced team who deliver unrivaled quality installations. They are versatile to adapt to working with other trades and considerate towards the host community on site.