VSAT SOLUTIONS (Very Small Aperture Terminals)

3.8m dish

We know you conduct vital business operations in remote, isolated locations that require a reliable data network to monitor and control your assets or transmit critical information to and from remote sites where other communication options are neither available nor cost-effective.
We have delivered VSAT technology solutions to meet bandwidth needs ranging from fax and voice up to video and high-speed Internet.
Ka, Ku, C – Band.
Ka band equipments are smaller and they have higher through put than Ku band & C-band.

Ku band are much bigger than the ka band equipment and its less affected by rain compared to ka band,
C-band is weather friendly meaning the effect of weather on C-band is little or none existence.
We are one of the leading VSAT Hardware distributors in West Africa. We have sold and installed Vsat Equipment in following countries; Niger, Ghana, Cameroun, Chad , Niger, Burkina-Faso, Ivory coast, Benin, Liberia , Sudan , Togo , Djibouti & Gabon!
Competitive prices for the following equipment are available on request
a: 2w,3w,4w,5w,10w,20w,40w, 80w & 100w BUCs ( Anacom , Belcom, Mitec, or NJT )
c: Prodelin, Skyware & Channel Master(Andrew) Antennas in 1.2m,1.8m,2.4m,3.8mtr,4.2mtr,7mtr and 11mtr sizes (Ku & C-band)
d: iDirect Modems (x1 x3, x5 , x7 evolution, 3100, 5000 & 7000 series)
e: Comtech modems

Logistical Services
Fast Delivery to anywhere in WESTERN AFRICA COUNTRY 24 hours delivery of Vsat equipment to any state in NIGERIA and less than 72 hours to any Western Africa Countries.